penis enlargement

There are several popular ways to enlarge your penis at home on the Internet and by listening. Let's take a look at the most popular ones and find out what works and what is just a marketing ploy for the desperate.

Yes, yes, you heard right and didn't think. You can enlarge your penis with regular baking soda.

This solution has a beneficial effect on the body, eliminates toxins and therefore improves the quality and duration of sexual intercourse. However, there is no reliable data to confirm an increase in the penis after drinking a soda solution.

The second way to enlarge your penis with baking soda is to take warm baths. We take the same solution we talked about above and put the male genital organ in it for 2-5 minutes. It is advisable to do this procedure from one hour to 40 minutes before intercourse.

The action of this method is due to the improvement of blood circulation and vasodilation in the penis. That is, during an erection, you can expect an increase in your normal size of one to two inches in length and equal in width. It is worth considering that the regularity of taking warm showers with soda is important, as the effect is temporary and nothing will happen at once.

Astute scientists have invented an amazing device - a special penis-enlargement pump at home.

The pump works due to the vacuum and is used not only to increase the size of a man's penis, but also for various ailments, for example erectile dysfunction, after prostate surgery or rehabilitation after radiation therapy. In general, absolute benefit and nothing else.

The main purpose of penis enlargement is to choose a method that is not a waste of time and money.


The most radical method of increasing size. And while a man thinks about how to enlarge his penis through surgery, not everyone will decide about it. All other methods are inferior to the operation, however the price makes it unaffordable for many. There are two types of penis enlargement surgery:

  • adding length;
  • thickening.
Micropenis the size of the penis is not bigger than three cm
Hippospadias Pathology in which the opening of the urethra may not be in the head, but underneath it: in the perineum, in the scrotum. The penis can be deformed, underdeveloped.
cavernous fibrosis pathological compaction of cavernous tissue, its replacement by fibrous tissue.
epispadias division of the wall of the urethra, partially or completely.
Peyronie's Disease penile curvature due to fibrous neoplasms
Gender reassignment Complete reconstruction of the genitals

There are no direct indications for penile enlargement surgery, this procedure is plastic, called ligamentotomy. Phalloplasty is performed in urological centers and private clinics.

surgical methods

Surgical intervention is performed if other methods have not brought the desired results. The surgeon will explain in detail how to increase the diameter of the penis.

The operation to correct the shape of the genital organ is considered one of the most difficult. Not every man decides because of the high risk of side effects.

There are several ways to surgically correct the penis. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.


As part of lipofilling, the penis is thickened by injecting fatty tissue taken from other areas of the man's body. The main advantage of the operation is the low probability of material rejection.

In most cases, the result lasts for the rest of life. But, over time, the injected tissue can become thinner. After a while, a second operation may be necessary.

Performing penis enlargement using surgical techniques is one of the riskiest but effective ways.

The procedure is performed in several steps:

  1. Preparation, which includes delivering the necessary exams and passing several specialists.
  2. The collection of fat cells from the thighs and buttocks;
  3. Purification of cells removed from ichor and other impurities.
  4. Uniform introduction of cells into the penis.
  5. Wear a bandage during the recovery period.

Its fixation is done by suturing the vessels. As a result of the procedure, the organ thickness increases by 3-4 cm.

Technique "Perovik"

The most difficult operation is performed with the "perovik" technique. It involves the complete separation of the parts of the penis to implant a cartilage structure between them. This type of operation is carried out in extreme cases. This is due to the high probability of complications.

This includes the following:

  • the formation of scars;
  • inflammatory process;
  • foreign tissue rejection;
  • decreased organ sensitivity;
  • inadequate tissue fusion.

The recovery process after surgery is long - about 12 months. To prevent the inflammatory process, you will first have to take antibiotics. Sexual activity must be limited. If you have the slightest sign of complications, you need to see a doctor.

Ball deployment

As a result, during intimacy, there is additional stimulation to the partner's erogenous points. Advantages of the procedure include its relative ease of implementation.

The implantation of foreign bodies is performed not only by the surgeon, but also by a specialist in the field of body modification.

When injecting various materials under the skin, man should be aware of the risk of complications. There is a likelihood of an inflammatory process and material rejection.

hardware technique

penis enlargement extender

Before proceeding with the phallus massage, the skin is warmed. To do this, a small piece of cloth or towel is placed in boiled water for a minute and a half. Then, the genital organ is wrapped in a damp cloth for 20-30 minutes. This procedure is performed to make the fabric stretch better.

After heating, a special cream, lubricant or gel to increase the volume of the penis is applied to the surface of the skin. Without pre-warming and moisturizing the skin, massage is not done as it can damage the organ's tissues.

During massage, the base of the phallus is wrapped around the right hand, after which the hand moves to the head in slow motions. When at the tip of the penis, the movement is repeated with the left hand. This is done to stretch the skin, which will gradually increase the length and width of the organ.

Having finished the above exercise, the penis is tightly wrapped around the index finger and thumb and slowly massaged with them. When performing the procedure, it is recommended to move from the base to the head and strongly stretch the skin. The exercise is repeated three times, after which the base of the penis is again wrapped with the fingers and held for 3-5 minutes.

When performing a massage, pay attention to the state of health. If, when stretching the skin, pain appears, it is necessary to interrupt the procedure immediately so as not to damage the tissues of the penis.

There are general rules for performing massages, which state that all actions must be performed a few hours before washing the hair. Because massage activates the sebaceous glands. The movements should be smooth, without unnecessary effort, and before performing them, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the location of the vessels.

To improve blood circulation, it is recommended to drink a cup of hot tea and warm your hands along the way. In the first few days it is impossible to "give the complete program" because the scalp has to get used to the fact that it will be mechanically affected. And in the beginning, you can do it with light movements and light grip with your palms. After adaptation, you can start the massage movements:

  • rubbing the skin on the forehead and temples;
  • rub on the neck and behind the ears, along the growth line;
  • light pressure from the ears to the crown and then to the forehead;
  • tapping with fingertips;
  • "Pulling" tufts of hair with light vibrational movements;
  • caress the scalp followed by circular motions with the fingertips;
  • the session ends with light brush strokes.

Before massage, the penis is warmed, brought into a state of excitement. Then it must be stretched in different directions. They don't pull hard until unpleasant sensations appear.

To avoid injury, massage is done with a maximum 70% erection, with a full riser to do so is strictly prohibited. There are different techniques, it is best to familiarize yourself with them in detail before starting the manipulations.

External remedies: ointments, creams, sprays

The products are irritating to the skin of the penis and increase blood flow. Its effect can be noticed immediately after application, but this will be a temporary result. In addition, the funds usually contain substances that improve the body's metabolic processes, stimulating the growth of new cellular structures.

How can the penis be enlarged without surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery gives a positive result in 95% of cases. However, not all representatives of the stronger sex decide for surgical intervention. Some aren't budget-allowed, someone is banned from surgery for medical reasons, and someone just doesn't dare. In the modern world of at-home penis enlargement methods, there is a wide variety:

  • Various ointments, creams, gels and sprays. Ointments are one of the simplest ways to enlarge the penis, but not all means work. Before buying, you should definitely study the composition of drug and product reviews, so as not to bump into a dummy. It is necessary to apply funds of this type once or twice a day, applying in circular motions to the penis. The course of use is from one to three months.
  • Massage and various exercise techniques. This method of penis enlargement is the most popular because it doesn't require money and can be done at any time. The disadvantage of this method is a long wait for the result. The course of procedures is from six months to one year.
  • Jelqing is by far the best method for penis enlargement. The aim is to pull the penis from the base to the head. Stretching the organ is no less effective. The technique is simple: stretch the penis without arousal in different directions for a while. Improper massage and exercise can cause serious damage to the penis.
  • Devices. Extender is an effective and comfortable device to enlarge the penis. The principle is simple: stretch the organ for a long time.
  • The pump works differently. The vacuum created in it increases the blood flow to the penis, due to which the increase takes place.

Course in the use of devices to obtain a lasting result for six months or more.

Other folk methods

Many men believe that their erections occurred after they stopped smoking. This is true because nicotine destroys testosterone, the hormone responsible for the functioning of the penis.

You should limit your intake of alcoholic beverages, as alcohol decreases the production of male hormones. You don't need to give them up completely, but you should clearly know the extent of using whiskey, brandy, vodka and beer.

To improve blood circulation in the penis, you can also take contrast baths before bed. You need to soak in hot water at a temperature of about 40 degrees and, after one minute, soak in a container of 20 degrees cold water for one minute. The procedure is repeated several times.

To strengthen your erection in a short time, apply a cold compress. Wrap about 500 g of crushed ice in several layers of cheesecloth. Then apply this package to the body parts in strict order:

  1. skull base,
  2. ribs in the heart region,
  3. scrotum.

Now it is known how you can enlarge your penis at home with the help of folk remedies. Using the funds listed, men achieve excellent results. An expert will talk about raising at home in this article in the video of this article.

You can also change the volume and length of your penis using a pump, extender and accessories.

The first method enlarges the penis by placing it in a vacuum environment. It activates blood flow, blood flows to the phallus, as a result, not only the length but also the diameter changes.

It is important to regulate the pressure level so as not to harm yourself with excessive zeal.

An extender is a special device that is attached to a belt or hips. The device is called an alternative to surgery, as it helps not only to change the parameters, but also to eliminate the curvature of the organ. The device must be worn for several hours a day, during which time the organ's tissues elongate and begin to grow to relieve tension. Using an extender helps to increase the size permanently.

Attachments are an option for men who need to elongate their penis during intercourse. A silicone device is placed on the phallus, due to which it resizes itself. There are several models on sale that allow you to independently determine the necessary parameters.

One of the ways to change the length of the penis with the help of improvised means is to hang weights. The method is quite controversial as, in an effort to get results quickly, men often injure the tissues and the corpus cavernosum. The mechanism of action is to attach to the body weight, under the action of which the limb is lengthened.

Sometimes men are not satisfied with the overall size of the penis, but tend to enlarge the glans penis. There are several exercises for this, one of which is performed as follows:

  • It is necessary to sit on the edge of a chair and spread your legs wide;
  • Squeeze the phallus at the base;
  • Hit them on the thighs one by one.

Each man independently chooses a method suitable for him, while one should be fully aware of the fact that penis lengthening is a time-consuming procedure. To get a lasting effect, you need to make an effort and remember regularity.

What Are Normal Penis Sizes

The size of every man's penis is an important indicator. Preoccupation with this issue often creates psychological problems in personal life and serves as the basis for the development of complexes.

In medical practice, it is customary for sex therapists to divide penis size into four categories:

penis measure to one centimeter
  • micropenis. In this case, the length of the penis does not exceed 2 cm;
  • small penis. In a state of excitement, its length does not exceed 9, 5 cm;
  • normal member. The standard size for an aroused man is over 9. 5 cm;
  • giant. This includes the penis, which reaches a length of 24 cm or more in an erection state.

The relationship between penis size at rest and erection has not been identified by the researchers. Often, a small organ becomes quite impressive when excited, and vice versa, a large limb hardly changes its volume and length.

Anthropometric data, on the other hand, plays a role. Thus, with high growth, a man most often has an impressive penis size, and with overweight the situation is the opposite.

penis measurement

The measurement of the penis is done at rest, with an erection and with maximum stretching. The starting point is the angle between the abdominal wall and the base of the penis, measurement is taken to the edge of the head.

It is best to use a square for measurements as a 90 degree angle must be maintained between the abdominal wall and the base of the penis to get the correct measurements.

Penis Enlargement With Surgery

Almost all penis enlargement methods cannot guarantee 100% of the result, except plastic surgery. That's why so many men resort to this method of correction. However, surgery has some serious disadvantages, such as long rehabilitation times and high costs.

Doctors point out that a penis measuring 10-14 centimeters allows for full reproductive function, while the other half feels sexual pleasure. Therefore, before increasing the male member, you need to understand if it is worth doing.

Surgical intervention is performed with the following indications:

  • congenital pathologies;
  • age-related changes in the body;
  • micropenis.

This last factor occurs extremely rarely, but it is serious, as man loses functionality, so the operation is a necessity, not a whim. This method of enlarging the penis is divided into several steps.

psychological problems due to a small penis

During surgery, the surgeon cuts the tissue and pulls on the hidden part of the penis. The resulting space fills with fat cells, after which it sutures and fixes the penis in the correct position.

Then the wound must heal and the tissues must grow together, which will signal the end of rehabilitation. In addition, an extender is used, which fixes the organ in the correct position - without it, a positive result cannot be achieved.

penis enlargement by injection

Help from the attending physician

If necessary, the plastic surgeon can change the shape of the penis, which is very important in the case of genetic pathologies or curvature resulting from disease. For those who want to learn how to increase the thickness of their penis, this method is also suitable.

In some cases, it is advisable to carry out the phalloprosthesis when a special implant made of artificial materials is used. This procedure is difficult and difficult to rehabilitate, but at the same time the appearance of the penis completely changes.

Don't forget about the side effects that occur in a large number of patients, and this is not the result of medical error, sometimes tissues may not take root, patients do not come out of anesthesia well, or an infection reaches the wound.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with herbal remedies? Many herbs contain substances that affect the rate of metabolic processes in the body. Furthermore, they are rich in vitamins, tannins and acids that affect the synthesis of male sex hormones.

How to enlarge your penis at home with herbs? The following herbs have pronounced stimulant properties:

  • goat weed with arrowhead;
  • rhodiola rosea;
  • hawthorn;
  • ginkgo biloba;
  • tribulus terrestris.

Penis enlargement surgery is very expensive. The procedure is performed not only for medical reasons, but also at the request of the man. The advantages of manipulation include an increase in the length of the penis, improvement in the patient's psycho-emotional state, a result for life, which improves the intimate quality of life.

There is a downside to handling. They are painful sensations during the rehabilitation period, the mandatory use of an extender after the operation is necessary to consolidate the achieved result, possible negative consequences, dissatisfaction with the achieved result.

Many men believe that surgery helps to enlarge the penis by as many inches as the patient wants. But this is not the case. The surgeon's task is to elongate the hidden part of the penis, thereby increasing it.

Penis enlargement occurs due to manipulation by the doctor:

  • During surgery, the supporting ligament is dissected (not removed), which allows part of the penis to be released;
  • A biopolymer matrix is implanted under the skin - it promotes the active growth of connective tissue.

After a certain period of time, the ligament becomes covered in sealing tissue, which allows the penis to be permanently attached.

How To Enlarge Your Penis In Other Ways

Today on the market there are many different medications in the form of creams, gels, ointments, sprays, telling how to use them to enlarge the penis to an unimaginable size. However, in practice, not everything is so rosy, of course, among them there are those that actually have a positive effect, but even more funds are doubtful, which can leave not only an unpleasant taste due to dashed hopes, but also affect health. men.

Therefore, before resorting to such methods, you should consult an expert in the field and really find out how to enlarge your penis without any unwanted consequences. Another way to enlarge the penis is surgery. Modern surgery and microsurgery to correct the penis are based on grafting tissue from other parts of the body.

Thus, male dignity can be increased in diameter by 1-2 cm. If there is a desire to achieve a more significant result, a muscle tissue transplant is recommended, but this method is much more complicated. The operation time and the postoperative recovery time last much longer than in the first case, this must be taken into account when deciding on this step.

As you can see, there are many ways and techniques that help and tell you how to enlarge your penis. If you are serious about increasing your dignity, all you have to do is choose the technique that works best for you. Also you can use other methods eg condom attachments, drug injections.

It is unlikely that it will be possible to enlarge the penis by ten centimeters. But you will be able to raise self-esteem, eliminate complexes. By increasing the organ, you will be able to incorporate all your sexual desires, giving a woman maximum pleasure. In addition, massage and exercise are beneficial for the functioning of the penis. By using them regularly, you don't need to use pills to increase potency.

Nutrition, exercise is the key to men's health

Adequate nutrition and physical activity are essential for the proper functioning of the male body. Lifestyle normalization recommendations refer to the most effective methods of influencing potency.

  1. Running, walking, skating and skiing, swimming are useful - loads that have a complex effect on the body.
  2. Performing gymnastic exercises - planks, push-ups, squats, pelvic lifts, twisting - provides blood flow to the pelvic organs and stimulates penile filling. During the interval between intercourse, a man needs to do some exercises to quickly get a second erection.
  3. For the development of intimate muscles, Kegel training is recommended. The simplest exercise is the deliberate withholding of urination; this is how the muscle that holds the penis is affected.

To maintain erectile function, it is important that men maintain a regimen of physical activity and eat properly so that it becomes a habit and part of their lifestyle. This will have a positive effect in the sexual sphere.